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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Saw still more samurai movies at Cinematheque. Told the people there if they showed only kung-fu and samurai flicks they'd see me a lot more. Added that they could throw in a few French New Wave crime movies for variety. Think they took it under advisement.

Still under movies, finally saw Dead's Man Chest. Fun, but not as good as the first. As other's have noted, the first hour is very erratic and somewhat unfocused, the last half is a lot tighter. I was the only person still in the cinema when the credit's ended for the final scene. Didn't these people learn anything from the first one?

And saw Tremor's outdoors at Yonge-Dundas square last night. Forgot just how great a movie it is. I was looking up the writers on the IMBD, to see if they've done any other smart movies I should see, but all they've done otherwise is all the Tremor sequels and the awful Ghost Dad.

Saturday had brunch with Paul at Mel's on Bloor. Never been there for brunch, but it was damn good and not expensive. Will try again.

Also Saturday went to an afternoon talk at the Japan Foundation with Janet about a exhibit of paintings they currently have, and how they (all water themed) were inspired by a famous Japanese composer.

Sunday went on a long bike ride, first west on the Lakeshore and then north along the Humber river. Tried to do this the weekend before, but couldn't find the Humber river bike trail. By the time I did the smart thing and just followed some bikers who looked like they knew where they were going, it was too late in the day to go as far as I liked. Had the route figured this time (and took along a map for good measure). Nearly ran over a squirrel and was dive-bombed by some pooping Canada geese (they all missed). Was completely pooped myself when I got home and didn't have the energy to go out as planned to see some near-by improv, ended up watching The Big O II instead. And that's an anime series perverts.

My workplace may be moving shop early next year. The big company in the building is moving, and we may/may not be going with them (we currently lease space form them), things are up in the air. It would reduce my commute time by likely 10-15 minutes each way, but the buses would run at more limited times. Have to wait and see.

They've just finished installing a new keycard system on all the doors in my workplace as well. Now I have to unlock two doors to get to the bathroom, three to get to the vending machine, and i can't get upstairs to visit people at all.

Attempted to purge my DVD collection by bring stuff I don't watch to Sonic Boom, but in the end could only part with 4, and two of them were duplicates of DVDs I already had (thanks to "2 for $20" and a bad memory on my part.

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Have you tried their poutine with the smoked meat on top? It is (artery-clogging) love.

I stand by their smoked meat sandwiches.

And what's with the extra workplace security? You guys designing a jetpack or an inertialess spaceship or something? (Sorry, been reading E.E. "Doc" Smith lately).

Their smoked meat is very good, yes. And it's open 24-7, for all your late night breakfast needs and early morning dinner requirements.

I'll certainly be back there for brunch. No line-ups, unlike Boom!

The company that owns and occupies most of the building, HGE, was purchased by an Australian company, Worley-Parsons, and they've demanded all the extra security throughout. Protecting their down-under secrets I guess.

It is odd that they did all these additions, including adding new doors, when they're planning on moving withing half a year.

Poutine is one of those things I've never dared try, a combination of "Can something that looks like that be as good as people say?" and a desire to avoid heart disease.

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