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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Quiet Weekend

Not a lot going on the past several days. Saw two more Samurai flicks at Cinematheque (Sword of Doom, about an aimless sociopathic samurai who causes nothing but havoc until his karma finally catches up with him, and the magnificent Goyokin, with the same lead as Sword of Doom, but now he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders due to a great crime committed by his clan. When it's all going to happen again, he's forced to take a stand. Shot in Hokkaido during the winter (a rarity for these types of films) the cinematography is stunning throughout.)

Attended the Serial Diners Friday, and Lisa Truent-Tan's Eye of Harmony meeting Saturday, where I saw the second season Dr. Who episodes Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen, and Age of Steel, which were all pretty great. According to Lisa, the extra's playing the Cybermen all had about two months of training with a dance choreographer to walk in unison. It paid off because it came off as truly menacing. Also saw an episode of Distant Shore, with ex-Doctor Peter Davidson as sort of a British House who ends up stuck for six months as the doctor on a tiny island off the coast.

Sunday decided to take the bike over the the Islands for the afternoon, where I got rained on, and had to spend a half-hour waiting under a tree for it to stop. Still enjoyed it. Have to remember for the future that the Center Island ferry doesn't allow bikes. I was trying to return on that one when I figured this out, and just missed the Ward Island ferry when I got over there.

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Have to say. I am into the new doctor who stuff! My friend downloaded the season, and it has some pretty big highs in it. Okay a couple of lows, but that's doctor who, I guess. I never much cared for the original show, it was more something my dad and little brother watched. But this new series is pretty damn addictive!

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