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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Busy weekend

One heck of a busy weekend...

Friday evening got together with my brother to see Samurai Rebellion at Cinematheque, which is currently doing a fine job of trying to replace
Kung Fu Fridays. They showed a batch of kung fu films two months back, and now a batch of samurai movies. Anyway, Toshiro Mufuni spends twenty years in a loveless marriage acting as a general dogsbody for his lord. It's the best thing that's every happened to him when his son gets the chance at happiness he's never got. But when it's all casually taken away, he decides not to take it any more. Great performances all around, if ultimately very depressing.

Satuday 11:00AM - I got my hair cut, and as part of my quest to become an actual grown-up now have a regular person to handle this (who is doing a very nice job I think).

11:45 AM - Stopped by Bakka Books and picked up Accelerando by Charlie Stross on the recommendation of leahbobet.

12:30 PM - Made it to Indigo in the Manulife Center, where I was meeting members of my SF book club to go see A Scanner Darkly that afternoon. Had trouble leaving the Indigo because I kept setting off the alarm. They had to de-mag the two brand-new books I had in my knapsack (the one from Bakka and another one from Book City). Felt it necessary to assure them that I did buy books from Indigo as well

1:20 PM - Saw A Scanner Darkly. Have to say that I don't think the whole equaled the sum of the parts. Like the performances (especially
Robert Downey Jr.) and there were many good bits to the movie. But they really didn't seem to be a lot going on. Considering it was based on a book by Philip K. Dick (which I haven't read) I was expecting something weirder that played with my perception of reality a lot more than this ended up doing. My recommendation: see it on a Tuesday or at the Rainbow.

4:00 PM - Made it down to the Rivoli for Cafe Scientifique, a monthly science discussion organized by the Ontario Science Center, this month on nanotechnology. A good crowd and talk, although there was this one guy who just wanted to know how nanotech could save the world from the evils of capitalism, and if it couldn't why were we bothering to talk about it?

7:00 PM - Had some much needed dinner.

8:30 PM - Headed over to kungfufridays place, as he was having a night of movies projected in his backyard. Big feature was the unseen-by-him kung fu flick "To Kill A Drifter", which kicked some ass, while the use of completely-out-of-place English names in the dub (a feared Chinese bandit called "Joe Flynn") was hilarious.

There were also several shorts, such as a tourist film of Niagara Falls circa 1964, an animated short proving that little blind girls can enjoy going to the zoo, and one of a series called Travels with Rick, also from the 1960s where our young hero tours Hong Kong, and proves that Western Imperialism was alive and well by explaining how the children of fishermen would catch and dive for coins if you threw them in the harbor.

12:30 AM - Made it over to Catherine's for her Lunar Landing Day party (the actual anniversary of Apollo 11 is the 20th), where I hung out with asfi and angrykat among others.

3:40 AM - Made it home and to bed.

Sunday was a lot slower paced. I slept late, finished off re-watching GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, and went down to Games Night at the Drake Hotel in the evening.

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completely-out-of-place English names in the dub (a feared Chinese bandit called "Joe Flynn")

It always fascinates me when translators do that - I used to have a copy of I Am A Cat that translated all the Japanese names into things like "Coldmoon," "Waverhouse" and "Beauchamp Blowlamp" - the last was probably the reason for the name-translating, as there was evidently some wordplay around the character's name that was equally impossible to translate or leave out, and which had to be recreated in English from the ground up.

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