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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Tales of Interest

Several small items here, but they're ALL GOOD!

Sandra performed in the Toronto Wordstage Reading Series last night at Cervejaria, reading some new stuff, older stuff, and even someone else's stuff (She's so inclusive), and did a very fine job at it too. The show was being filmed by Bravo, but they were only really interested in some loser called Robert Priest, practically sticking a camera up his nose when he read. I had to suffer through hunger pains the first half of the set, as we were sitting right down front, and apparently the waitress didn't want to interrupt the readings by coming down there. Afterwords, the event organizer (readings take place every second Thursday of the month) invited everyone back to his near-by house (which apparently he always does). I went over for a bit, but it was way too hot and I was too sleep-deprived from the previous night's belly dancing show.

Sandra's put me onto the funniest blog I've read in a while, The Acts of Gord! Gord used to run a comics/video game store, and in faux-Biblical style he recounts his adventures with stupid, stupid customers. Really, really funny.

This ever happen to you? A year ago I signed up to this weekly email list about film events (mostly in Toronto) and after a year of never seeing anything on it I was interested in, prepared today to unsubscribe, and then went "Hey! Classic Sherlock Holmes movies at the Toronto Reference Library the next two Tuesdays! I'll see that!" So maybe it gets a reprieve.

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Gord's hilarious. I wonder if he actually was evil enough to modify the Goldeneye cartridge with N64-killing capacitors?

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