Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Twin Power!

The President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, has appointed his identical twin bother Jaroslaw Prime Minister, upon the resignation of the current Polish PM. The the news article:

"Though the Kaczynski brothers have the same round faces and short, stout builds, many Poles have learned to distinguish them, thanks to the fact that Lech has two moles on his face, and wears a wedding ring. Jaroslaw is unmarried, and has no moles."

UPDATE: From the Daily Gut:


1. "Lech used to switch places with me in high school, we would take test for each other and totally fool teachers...they had no clue! Now we do this when governing the Law and Justice Party and torturing outspoken opponents," says brother, Jaroslaw.

2."I'll have my brother act as the head of the cabinet, while I am on the hot date with some babe I met at the UN. If I get lucky, I'll invite my brother back and he can pretend he's me, but only until it gets too weird,"says Jarislaw. "Sometimes, the chick will figure it out and we'll both have to run away. This happened with that broad from Ghana." On other occasions, if Jarislaw has two hot dates with flight attendants at the same time, his brother will help out. For fun they will wear different colored zhupans
and keep switching in the toilet!

2. If I have an important test to take and I haven't studied, I'll have my brother take it for me," says Jaroslaw. "We did this also when serving for Lech Walesa as advisers to the Solidarity movement in the 1980s. He bored the shit out of us, so we would take turns sitting with him while he rattled on about handball."

3. "Since only Lech is married, he would often pull a switch and pretend to be Jaroslaw so he could go out and bang strippers," according to one aide. "Jaroslaw would then pretend to be Lech and perform husbandly duties that evening, which usually involved eating soup and staring at a candle."

4. "Sometimes for fun both of us would confuse foreign dignitaries by hiding behind large planters and leaping out at them at the same time," confesses Jaroslaw. This is what really killed DNC chairman Ron Brown, although at the time it was covered up as a plane crash.
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