Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Recent events

Going back a few days...

Friday saw the final show at the Royal as a rep cinema. The son of the late owner/manager was there to thank the staff of the Royal, and to announce (this is likely old news now) that the Royal has been sold to the people currently running the Regent. The Regent is rented out during the day to film companies for digital film editing, and runs as a cinema during the evening, and the same will be done to the Royal, the first time advances in film technology have benefited neighbourhood cinemas. No word yet on what sort of the movies (Hollywood second-run or art-house) will be shown at the Royal when it re-opens (likely in the fall).

The final film was 2001: A Space Odyssey, which simply MUST be seen on a big screen to be appreciated. And it was a first class print too, great picture and sound. The projectionist started off with a Three Stooges short on DVD, so we went from the idiotic to the sublime.

I made a good choice of which rep to go to as well. Janet went to the Revue which was showing Lawrence of Arabia but she said that it was a bad print, and they tried by compensate for bad sound by turning it up too loud.

Over the holiday weekend I went on a long bike ride along the Lakeshore, and was in my first real spill since I started riding again, getting my wheel stuck in the streetcar groove after I made too fast a turn. A helpful passer-by assisted me in getting untangled. Bike riding is still fun.

Sunday morning had a great brunch at the Hothouse with Charlene and Hayden and Paul and Susan and their respective offspring, Wesley and Rebecca.

Went down to the Lakeshore again (walking this time) to see the Canada Day fireworks. It threatened rain the entire performance, but only seriously started in the very final minute. Fortunately, I and everyone else had an umbrella.

Had davemerrill, dwinghy, and my brother over to my place Monday, and we ended up watching the great Hong Kong vampire flick Mr. Vampire. Spent the holiday trying to get my place cleaned up. Succeeded mostly by shoveling everything into the bedroom.

Last night went to see The Blob down at Yonge-Dundas Square. They're showing The Birds next week, followed by Planet of the Apes and more genre films over the summer. The Blob to hokey fun, terribly acted (even by Steve McQueen) and the special effects are on the level of classic Dr. Who.

But the last line in the movie made it all worthwhile. After the townspeople manage to freeze the Blob with CO2 fire extinguishers and arrangements are made with the Air Force to parachute it into the Arctic where it'll stay frozen, Steve McQueen says in a worried voice "All we have to do is hope the Arctic never thaws out!" I never knew the movie was actually a statement about the dangers of global warming.
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