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Prepare for the onslaught...

Well, J.K Rowlings must have finally gotten the manuscript in, as today it was announced that the fifth Harry Potter book would be released June 21st.

And a few minutes ago I got what will probably be just the first email from Indigo re: preordering said book. And we thought the hype surrounding the movies was bad? That's going to be nothing compared to this.

That's said, Rowlings has developed significantly as a writer between Philosopher's Stone and Goblet of Fire (which packed quite a punch), so I am looking forward to reading Order of the Phoenix.

On the topic of late books, when the hell is George R. R. Martin going to finish A Feast for Crows, the next Song of Ice and Fire book? He did a reading from it at the Philly Worldcon in 2001, for Gnu's sake.

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Colin read that Waterstone's, in England, has been taking pre-orders for the book, even without a release date, since July. In the same article he read that Amazon alone took 30,000 orders for the book yesterday alone! Already, Order of the Phoenix is the bestselling book of the week and it won't even be released for another 6 months. (Here's where the info came from.)

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