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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Donald Simmons - Your Trusted Source!

I've said in the past that the biggest use of my P.Eng has been to sign passport applications, but the last couple of days have been nuts!

First, I signed a residency application for agincourtgirl on Tuesday, not so much that she can stay in the country (although that's a good thing), but more so that she can get back in after she visits London in August.

Then I got email from davemerrill asking me to sign his wife's passport application (oh, it'll be no problem BTW, I'll contact you shortly about).

Then after visiting the bathroom I got back to my desk to find my cell phone ringing and a message on my desk phone. The cell phone was Etuska asking me to be a reference for her birth certificate application, and the phone message was from a charitable foundation looking to hire Julie, who helped me out at Anime North and had previously asked to use me as a reference.

Anyone else need me to vouch for them? Reasonable rates!

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What I could really use is your finger prints on a candlestick..

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