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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Benet and Amy and the Shuttle

Well, benet and Amy got hitched (again) on the weekend, and all went well. The actual ceremony lasted all of six minutes, which I completely approved of (they got the mayor of Vermilion, Ohio, to officiate), the spread at the reception was good, and there was a minimum of toasting at the reception, which I also approve of.

And the bride and groom looked great. Benet cleans up remarkably well and Amy always looks good. Kudos to best people commodorified and Mike for making sure everyone got to the church (actually a tabernacle) on time.

Amy is taking a year off school and plans to apply to library science at the University of Washing in Seattle, so she can move out there with Benet. While this is good for them, I'm still holding out that they'll come back to Toronto at some point in the future. A visit is planned for October.

In MD Robotics news it looks like they'll be able to put the Shuttle up July 1st even if we don't finish our report by then. NASA decided to swap out Inspection Boom #1 (which flew for the first time on the last shuttle flight) with Inspection Boom #2 (which hasn't flown at all yet), the idea being the boom is unlikely to fail in fatigue if it hasn't done anything yet. So that let's us off one hook.Still have to finish everything by mid-July.

NASA is also talking now about after 2010 when the Shuttle is supposed to be officially retired instead converting it completely to automatic and flying it unmanned (the requirements to do so being much less stringent compared to manned operations). I don't even want to know how much this would cost. More money wasted on a system that has completely failed to provide its stated goal (cheap, routine access to space), and who's continues existence blocks real attempts to come up with something better by soaking up all the available funds. Wake me up when the Space Age actually starts.