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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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I'm back!

Overall, Anime North was a success this year. Of course there was stuff that seriously could have gone better, and needs to be seriously looked at for next year, but the bulk of the feedback we've gotten has been really positive. So thanks again to everyone who worked so hard on it, and to everyone who came!

I've been spending my time since the con having a social life again. Saw owlfish and colins_journal (who were visiting from London) a bunch of times, had the Serial Diners over to my place last Friday, when to a birthday celebration for MK at a jazz club last weekend, hung out with Janet this week, and an heading off to Ohio tomorrow to attend benet and Amy's wedding. And I'm nearly finished the first batch of reports for MD Robotics.

On the down side, yesterday I headed into the gym for the first time in about a month (Premiere Fitness on Davenport north of Bloor). As I approached, I noticed that there were a lot fewer cars out in front than usual. Then I noticed that the only vehicle there had "Security" on it. Then I noticed that there was notices up on the front doors. Yes, they had shut down Monday and cleared out with no warning what's so ever. This is the second time this has happened to me!

There wasn't much I could do besides kick the building once, and then walk home (so at least I got some exercise that evening). I telephoned the head office today, got a machine of course, and left a message. I will give them credit for this, someone got right back to me, apologized for what happened (claimed problems with the landlord), offered to move my membership to another of their gyms, and when I refused (none in a good location for me) didn't press the issue and cancelled my membership right then. I was paying month to month, so I'm not out anything. But now I've got to shop around for another gym, and the last time I did that, everyone gives you the hard sell right out the door, something that really turns me off.

One good thing, my favourite exercise class at the gym was the same evening at the one early evening Fighting Arts Collective class (somewhere else I haven't been in a while) so I should be able to make that one in the future.

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the obvious solution...

Have Superboy Prime punch your local gym back into existence!

Re: the obvious solution...

Heh. That's becoming my all purpose answer too.

green_trilobite likes to remember when everything was Hal Jordan's fault.

btw, I take it you haven't left yet. Will you be at Diners tonight? Because then, see, I can get certain people a wedding present on the way there and ask you to smuggle it into the US for me.

I obviously wasn't able to make it to Diners. But Benet and Amy are planning a visit to Toronto in October.

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