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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Not quite dead yet

Hello all. I'm been very quiet lately I know, thanks to having to work up at MD Robotics in Brampton, and preparing for Anime North, but everything seems to be on track for both. I'm lying low, conserving my energy this weekend for next, but right now it just looks like a matter of making sure all the details are handled, so I don't end up at the con listening to people say "But I thought was handling that!"

One week from now I get my life back. Wish me luck all...

And hey, the Toronto Sun had a great article on Anime North today! (Albeit with a terrible title.)

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I love that title! It makes me think I'm going to a MC5 concert circa 1970. Maybe we can get to cops to beat us up as we leave.

Sigh, how far the youth have fallen. From "dope, guns, and f**ing in the streets" to "staying at home and playing video games."

sometimes video games about dope, guns, and f**ing in the streets :)

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