Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Completely busy

It's going to be a long (or much too short) month of May.

First, I'm working out of the office at MD Robotics up in Brampton, and using public transit to get there is insane. Compared to Mississauga or Brampton Transit, the TTC are the Masters of Time and Space. I have to take a Mississauga bus and then transfer to a Brampton bus to get up to MDR, and I've found that their "schedules" are pretty much works of fiction. Plus it seems whatever bus I do manage to get, I end up waiting about 15 minutes at the transfer point. Plus when I do get the Brampton bus it always pulls to the side of the road when I'm about halfway there and just waits for five minutes.

So it's taking me nearly an hour and a half to get there and get home, longer if the Brampton bus doesn't come when it's suppose to. I've missed it twice in two days in the evening because its come earlier each day, then you have to wait 20 minutes for the next one. Thank God I'm only going to be there for maybe two months, and once I get up to speed I should be able to go to my regular office for part of the week. If I was working there full time I'd have to buy a car.

On top of that, Anime North is only 3.5 weeks away now. So my weekends and and good chunk of my evenings are going to be taken up with the final preparations. Everything seems to be on track (knock wood) and pre-registration has set a new record, but attending to all the details is a lot of work.

I haven't been to the gym, or to the Fightings Arts Collective for at least two weeks now, and I know I'm turning into a marshmallow. I've got to try to get at least a little exercise in during the month or I'll have no energy left come the con.
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