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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Looks like I can start calling myself a Rocket Scientist with feeling again. Here at work we've just got a contact with MD Robotics (formally Spar Aerospace) to do some stress and fatigue work on the Shuttle Inspection Boom Assembly, the arm they'll use to check out the underside of the shuttle before re-entry.

I'll be bouncing back and forth between my office and MD Robotics (which is annoying because to get there I have to go from the TTC to Mississauga Transit to Brampton Transit) for the next two months or so. I was up there today for the first time just to start with getting my security clearance. I won't be allowed unescorted in the building until they can get a Clearance Letter from the police stating I don't have a criminal record (I have to see about this this afternoon). But I got to go into the Clean Room and check out some actual Shuttle Flight Hardware they're currently working on.

This should be fun.

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There's no 'arm in trying!

I have to go from the TTC to Mississauga Transit to Brampton Transit

The GTA really needs a unified transit system. (Preferably with as few former TTC heads as possible.) Here, OC Transpo is better integrated with Hull's bus system (in a completely different province, and a separatist one at that) than any of the GTA's systems are with each other, so the GTA's systems should be forced to unify.

Are you tempted to buy a car?

Are you tempted to buy a car?

Not yet. This will only be for about a month or so (half my time at MD Robotics, the other half in the office most likely) and it's doable. If I had to change over to another transit system every day to get to work, I'd probably make the jump then.

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