Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Cough Cough

Sick. Sigh. At least it's not too bad (a chest cough), I'm caught up at work, and I'd rather have a cold now than just before or during the con next month.

Spent the weekend up at Shirley's in Burk's Falls. Since I was up there last she's wound up with four dogs. I heard about this from my brother, but it somehow slipped my mind till I got there, a door was opened, and they all came pouring out. Eek!

But the weather was lovely out there. We did a two-and-a-half hour walk one day with the dogs (having to hold them on the leash when walking along the highway), during which the local Jesus freak drove past us quoting the Book of John. Next day I borrowed her bike and went on a little trip, which according to Google Maps was just over 30 km. I think I overdid it however, because it was that evening that the cold came on.

Also recently, saw a three-hour-forty-minute Japanese movie with Janet, Eureka, at Cinematheque. I honestly would not have edited it, because the whole point of the movie was the time it took to present the characters, and build what they were feeling.

And the recent Space-Time book discussion was on Geoff Ryman's Air, which is a magnificent piece of writing, everyone should check it out. It's not perfect, that's a plot point that no one could figure out, and according to Peter Halasz, who presented the book and who knows Ryman, Ryman is likely the only person who does understand it. Even really good authors can sometimes get so close to their work, they don't understand that not everyone will get what's obvious to them. But I've rarely seen characters developed and handled so well.
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