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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Friday went to the Serial Diners, and found it was a vegetarian restaurant, which I consider survivable as long as it doesn't happen too often (and it doesn't). The problem was that they were not ready for so many people to suddenly show up, and after I spent 20 minutes waiting for the Shepard's Pie, I was told there wasn't any. I just settled for the soup, as we had to hurry hurry down to the Paramount and see the early show of V for Vendetta (which I had no problems seeing again). Jason can only do early movies for the foreseeable future, as he had to get home to the extremely pregnant Jen. We had to sit in the very first row however, which I haven't had to do since Magnolia, and I'm glad this wasn't my first time seeing it.

We were given comment forms to fill out when we went in, which was a little odd for an opening night. But what was really freaky was that the last question on the form (standard stuff before that point) was on your political leanings "Liberal, Conservative, NDP?". In the grand tradition of Alan Moore, I wrote in "Anarchist" and included the "V" symbol.

Saturday was the SF book club meeting, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I'm sure I'm in a minority here, but I'll say again that I've never been as impressed by Gaiman's long fiction as by his short fiction. The book is certainly well written, but still comes off to me as a bunch of short story ideas (a fair bit of the book is a travelogue) that have been assembled together into a novel, albeit assembled very well. Give me a Gaiman short story ( or comic issue) every time.

Saturday was also Cafe Scientifique down at the Rivoli. These are afternoon science debates sponsored by the Science Center, this month being "Are Humans Just Animals? What makes us so special?". I've never been to one of these before but there was quite a good crowd and some really good discussion. Except for this one dingbat who kept wanting to press the idea that humans were genetically created by aliens.

Saturday was also also a release part by jack_yoniga band, Diablo Red, at Clinton's. While their brand of howling metal isn't really my cup of tea, it's important to support your friends. Thank God Sandra bought a family pack of earplugs for everyone.

Sunday morning I was off to the 10 AM class at the Fighting Arts Collective (I'm so proud I've managed to work these early classes into my routine now), for my first session of dagger fighting, or to be more accurate, defending yourself from a guy with a dagger. At the end of the class, one of the students took his exam for "scholar", which consisted of his standing in the center of a circle formed by the teachers answering questions, and then sword-fighting them all one at the time. Watching these guys really fight is a lot different than watching (or participating in) the practise drills. Anyway, he passed and all were very happy.

Sunday night my brother came over with his DVD of Jackie Brown, which i have never seen, a fact which seems to astound all those I've even mentioned it to. Well, i have seen it now, and yes, it is indeed a very fine film.

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What makes humans special?

Didn't they ever read Dune? :D It's all about enduring the pain of trap so you can eliminate the threat to your kind!

Re: What makes humans special?

Dang, I wish I'd thought of that.

Re: What makes humans special?

I'm fond of the idea that since we can learn from each other, even over physical distances or years(because of language), we don't all have to be super-smart - it just takes a few mad genii per generation to keep pushing everything forward.

I wrote in "Anarchist" and included the "V" symbol
Of course you know that everyone else did too, and that a couple of weeks/months from now someone's going to write a piece in the National Post claiming that that OMG young people today are all anarchists! Yes, and there are enough Jedi to start their own church and claim tax relief. Oh well, at least if they come for you you'll know how to use a dagger by then :)

As you probably know if you read handful_ofdust, Don, green_trilobite, and I waited for a later showing and saw it in IMAX. It was particularly good in IMAX. Also, Stephen Fry's face is even more delightfully off-kilter in IMAX.

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