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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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V for Vendetta

Last night caught a sneak preview of V for Vendetta, thanks to my brother winning a pass for two at The Beguiling.

It was held at Innis Townhall at U of T. They took forever to get everyone seated, because we all had to be scanned with a metal detector and have our bags searched, and then they tried to get the entire rush lineup in by seating them on the floor (which I seriously think was against the fire codes).

Anyway, the movie (based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore) was just great. Natalie Portman reminds us that she can really act when she doesn't have lousy dialogue and bad direction, and Hugo Weaving put in an astonishing portrayal, considering that you never see his face (I wonder how many actors would have even tried to pull this off, besides Edward Norton). And Stephen Fry puts in a wonderfully heartfelt, non-comedic turn. Yes, they have to make some changes to the story to better fit the movie format, but I have few issues with the changes they made (and I'm a big fan of the graphic novel).

It'll be interesting to see what sort of press the film generates in the States, considering how it's about one man's fight against a fascist government that continually spins the media and generates a climate of fear to stay in power. It'll probably be denounced as hopelessly left-wing by the same people who proclaimed March of the Penguins to be a triumph of the right.

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Damn those right wing monogamist penguins!!! :)


I'm sooo jealous. :( Tracy

please pass this on


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