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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Past few days...

Thursday saw Tristram Shandy with Catherine. Was very amused. Would have been nice to have seen a little more of the actual book, but having never read it and know nothing more about it other than it's considered unfilmable I don't know how feasible that would have been. Gillian Anderson was a scream in her (small) role.

Friday was twiddler's 30th birthday party, at his and angrykat's place. He's officially old now (like me).

Saturday it was off to Hamilton for the day for an Anime North meeting. We try and hold one in Hamilton each year for the benefit of the people who live out that way. Got a fair bit done, all in all planning for the con is going quite well. We've got several new events in the works for our 10th con, including thirteen costuming events (the Masquerade, a Moonlight Masquerade dance, an anime swimsuit contest, etc. etc.)

Sunday was my 70s SF film fest, which went off very well indeed. I'd spent the latter half of the week cleaning my whole place up for it (and even got the bathroom done to Janet's satisfaction), and my seating capacity ended up maxed out by dinnertime (I do need a bigger apartment). We started off with Westworld at 2:30PM (and spent the first half-hour saying "This is so gay"), moved onto the original Rollerball, ordered Chinese from the Garlic Pepper, saw Colossus:The Forbin Project (a SF gem no one seems to have ever heard of), and ended with Logan's Run, which being made in 1976 goes to Carousel this year! SF films of the 80s next time? (Repo Man for sure!)

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I sort of want to see Tristram Shandy. On the one hand, I'm a little sick of the "it's an unfilmable book so let's make a film about not being able to film it" trope; on the other hand, TS is about a guy trying to tell the story of his life and continually wandering off-topic, so there's an excuse.

At least say there's lots of scenes with Uncle Toby & Corporal Trim? (2 of the most adorable fictional characters ever).

I wouldn't say a lot of scenes of the two of them. There's plenty of scenes of Steve Coogen (who plays Tristram) and Rob Brydan (who plays Toby) together, with Coogan worrying that Brydan is actually in the movie more than he is.

Well he's certainly in the book more than Tristram is; that's sort of the point.

"... and in time, love"

Is the "anime swimsuit contest" the name for The Chris's pool event, or something different?

I saw (most of) Colossus:The Forbin Project back in '98 on the US SciFi channel (they actually show good movies!). I've been meaning to watch it from the beginning.

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