Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons


What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Plain Boiled Macaroni with Salt Use to eat this as a kid. Comforts me.
Literary: Marvel Zombies Five-part comic mini. What if all the Marvel superheroes became unrepentant flesh-eating undead? I have to keep reading it to discover how low Marvel can sink.
Audiovisual: The Towering Inferno Greatest of the Disaster Movies. Robert Wagner gets set on fire and Richard Chamberlain falls cravenly to his death.
Musical: Sailor Moon in Paris I just like the way they redo the original Japanese theme songs.
Celebrity: Katee Sackhoff Making Starbuck a grrl was one of the smartest things they did for the Battlestar remake.

Now I tag:-

angrykat owlfish davemerril kaijugal and nexstarman

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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