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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Had my first sword class at the Fight Arts Collective last night, and enjoyed it a lot, although my wrist is bothering me today. I have to handle it right-handed (even though I'm left-handed) because it'll be to much trouble for other student to spar with me otherwise. I thnk that'll slow me down a little, but I learned to use right-handed scissors as a kid, I can learn this.

One of the best bits was having all the mechanics of the sword explained because, hey, engineer. Such as when you hit the sword it of course vibrates, but if it's balanced properly one of the node points (where the vibration is least) will be right where you grip it on the hilt. I calculate this stuff all the time at work, have to create a modle of the standard one-handed sword when I have time.

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Glad you're enjoying it!

The other node on a sword is about two thirds of the way between the hilt and the tip -- right at the point where a good cut should hit your opponant. :-)

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