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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Managed to get to my Pilates class for the first time since before Xmas today. I thought I did pretty good at the time, but I'm completely pooped tonight. Need to get to bed soon and have a full night's sleep.

Also on the exercise front, I'm giving the Toronto Fighting Arts Collective a try. They teach people to fight medieval-style with daggers, swords, and flat out grappling. Went to their open-house about two weeks back on the recommendation of henchminion and had my first class last week (it's all in the footwork).

Spent the weekend at Karen's up in Muskoka. I bought up her Xmas present, the new Puzz-3D of a San Fransisco neighborhood. It looked simple, but turned out to be fiendishly complicated and we didn't mange to complete it before I had to catch my bus Sunday. The newer Puzz-3D's include details that in the past would have just been drawn on, now houses have complete terraces, roof gardens, porches and stoops, my hat's off to the designers.

The trip up I had three high-school girls behind me the whole time, endlessly talking on and on and on about nothing at all. Apparently they were going to Huntsville (which they thought was in the direction of Ottawa) to go snowboarding. When we finally arrived they were all "Look! The town's so small it actually has a Main Street!"

They have real snow up in Muskoka, although it's only half of what they had last year. Saturday was bright and warm, Sunday it snowed steadily all day, and we were worried about not being able to make it into Huntsville to catch my evening bus. I made it to the bus, but when it tried to leave town it made it halfway up a hill, and slowly slide back down. We had to wait for a sand truck to show up.

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fight medieval-style with daggers, swords, and flat out grappling

You're planning to join Team Banzai?

My hellish bus ride back from D.C. last year involved a similar battle with a hill, but the bus won (barely). It's always a bad sign when you see all the transport trucks pulled over on the side of the road.

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