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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Off to Muskoka

Catching the bus this evening to go visit with Karen up in snowy Muskoka this evening. Planning to have a quiet weekend and finally start reading Jarad Diamond's Collapse (if only on the bus each way).

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May your bus trip be mercifully rap-free!

It was rap free, but I had three high school girls sitting in the seats behind me on the ride up endlessly yapping on and on and on. I gathered (I couldn't help gathering) that they were going to Huntsville to go snowboarding, and that they thought they wre heading in the direction of Ottawa. As least the managed to figure out when to get off the bus.

Let me know how the book is.

He gave a talk yesterday which conflicted with the one I was giving. If I hadn't been giving the talk, I'd've been tempted to go. Still, based on followup reports, the people who skipped my talk for his regretted it... but talking and writing are very different arts.

The book (I'm about half-way thru) is great, I'm learning a lot and he's making plenty of good points. I've really enjoyed all his books.

Yeah, some great writers really aren't great speakers (Neal Stephenson anyone?)

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