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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Well, the results are probably the best we could hope for given the circumstances. The Not-Tories are in, but with a minority. I think it's unlikely Harper could try to put thru a social-conservative agenda without it blowing up in his face. Plus I'm not sorry to see the Not-Tories make gains in Quebec at the expense of the Bloc, who have certainly been weakened.

The NDP made gains, and Olivia Chow finally won in Trinity-Spadina (Yay!) by 3000+ votes (after losing last time by less than a 1000).

And the Liberals have received a long-due shake-up. Paul Martin is bowing down (in a surprisenly moving concession speech, if only he always spoke that well), and that's a good thing. He wasn't a hugely bad PM, but he wasn't an effective one. Now the Liberals have a chance to try and re-unite under a new leader (any guesses who?).

Prime Minister Harper. Oh well.

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I don't think anyone can really be an effective PM with a minority, so I really fail to see why everyone holds this against Martin personally.

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