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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Performance Review

Today I had the annual performance review at work, that exercise dreamed up by HR to justify their existence (you fill out the form with what you bring to the company, your goals in the coming year, etc.). My boss Steve, like me, feels they are pretty much a waste of time, but they have to be submitted before we can get any news about raises, so...

The good news is that Steve had nothing but good things to say about me, and rated me "above average" on practically everything. The only thing he rated me "average" on was "Communications", or rather, "dealing with dumb clients without getting impatient", which he says I'm no worse at then anyone else in the office, but as one moves up the ladder in this business, one has to develop a higher tolerance.

So I'm very pleased. Actually got a good chunk of work done today too.

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you fill out the form with what you bring to the company...

"ability to stand up" (or was that a different form?)

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