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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Back to Work

I still have a bit of a cough, but otherwise I'm fine again. I meant to make it into work in the early morn this morning, but I had left the volume on my clock radio a little too soft. I remember waking up enough at 7 AM to hear on the CBC news that Sharon wasn't dead yet, falling back asleep and only waking up again at 10:30 AM when my dentist called to confirm tomorrow appointment. (I postponed it). Oops.

You know, when you get a bad cold and have to take a few sick days, if you're not too sick it can be a little holiday. You get to sleep, and lie on the couch watching DVDs all day. Only I had just gotten off of Xmas vacation where I had done just that, so it was actually pretty boring doing it again. Waste of a few good sick days, alas.

Oh, and I hope kaijugal isn't too sick either!

Update: I did watch some Alien Nation episodes while I was down, which I am really enjoying seeing again. Yes, some of the plots are fairly heavy-handed, but I like the characters a lot. Plus, I was watching one episode and suddenly there was Ted Raimi as a Newcomer and I'm all "Ted Raimi! Wooo!"

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I learned a saying from my dad--"if you're gonna be sick and miserable, go to work and be sick and miserable. Take the day off when you feel better and can enjoy it"

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