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Off to the gym in another half-hour. I'm going to try a few of the classes they have at the gym for a while, as weight training is getting kind of boring now.

Actually, that's not quite true. I've become non-enamored with weights at the moment. I had a fitness assessment last month, which always seems to reduce to them telling me that if I really want to be in shape, the only way to do it is for me to give them lots of money for a personal trainer and a diet plan. Honestly, it leaves me feeling that I might as well not bother exercising at all, if total commitment above all else is the only thing that works.

So when I was home for Christmas, I talked to my sister the doctor about this, and she told me this is why she just goes to the Y and avoids gyms. She advised me just to check out the Canada Food Guide if I'm worried about my diet, and I'll talk to my regular doctor as well when I have my annual checkup (which I should schedule soon).

So I'm going to try some general body workouts with the fitness classes for a bit and see how I like that, in combination with cardio on the stair machines (I actually set a new personal record on one of these yesterday). I'm much more interested in just being fit enough not to drop dead in my tracks then attaining some sort of ideal (something else they seems to have trouble with at the gym).


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