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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Happy New Year!

Back to work after a week and a half of sleeping in, and what happens? I wake up at 4 AM last night and couldn't fall back asleep so I'm a zombie today. Fortunately everyone else seems to be in the same boat.

Bounced between two parties New Year's Eve. First with the Serial Diners (thanks once again to hosts Charlene and Hayden) with food and merriment ( and where moon_custafer was looking damn fine) and then over to Sandra's for midnight. Which I and some friends barely made thanks to the TTC (we planned on taking the streetcar west from St. Clair's, but thanks to construction only a bus was running from that station to St. Clair's West, where we then had to wait over twenty minutes). But there was more food and dancing(!) and general merriment until I left at about 5 AM.

Got up at 1 PM the next day. Caught up on more episodes of 24 (Season Three). I find that trying to get thru an entire TV season in a week (rented it thus form Queen Video) , even a week you're not working, is a tough slog. Suspect Video lets you rent single disks of full seasons, which I think I will do henceforth.

In the evening had my brother over for some more episodes of Gatchaman (just got a new set that includes the two-parter with the flowers than eat people, specifically Jun) and the movie JSA - Joint Security Area, which was freaking awesome. It's Korean (like all the best movies these days) by director Park Chan-wook (of the Vengeance trilogy). An incident along the DMZ between North and South Korea leaves two North Korean soldiers dead, and a neutral investigator has to try and figure out what really happened. Like most of Park's movies, it's about how little events can have big consequences and decent people can find themselves in situations out of their control. It's a little slow getting going, but completely devastating by the end. Park has always had tremendous visual style, but this movie in particular is brilliant for setting up shots that we later see from another angle or context and have them take on a completely different meaning.