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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Heading home for the holidays

Flying out in the early early morning Thursday (damn you lousy departure times!) to spend Xmas with the family in St. John's, after braving the Toys-R-Us to find (almost) everything for the nieces and nephew.

Saw Kong and loved it. Naomi Watts was amazing, and you completely believed in her empathy for Kong (something the original lacks). Jack Black was also great as the single-minded film producer, who starts off as not-such-a-bad-guy, but has to increasingly justify (if only to himself) his descent into a moral pit. Adrian Brody was fine, but he really didn't have to bust his chops to get his role to work. Kong himself was never anything less than magnificent, and the final Empire State sequence was stunning.

My only (minor) problems with the film are some of the CGI chase sequences went on rather too long or weren't really necessary in the first place, and we lack resolution to a few small plotlines (most notably what happens to Jimmy, a character we've got a considerably amount invested in).

Saturday had brunch with owlfish and colins_journal before they headed back to London (sigh). After New Year's will start looking into getting plane tickets to visit them in the spring, maybe during Eastercon.

Also Saturday attended the Serial Diners Xmas party, when I'm sure I made a nuisance of myself playing with the tiny remote-controlled car I got from the hosts, Charlene and Hayden. As my place lacks large amounts of floor space I felt it necessary to get in as much playtime with it as I could.

Sunday Janet came over so we could exchange gifts before she went off to Waterloo, and we watched still more Gatchaman (no such thing as enough).

Now all I've got to do is get as much done on my current project at work as possible before Thursday. It's an aircraft seat I've created a computer model of. I'm simulating crash conditions and the seat is coming apart as it does in physical tests, but it's doing so a little early, so there's something we're all missing.

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mirrorshades would help, too

Which is exactly why you should sit apart on the airplane!

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