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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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What have I ...

... been up to?

Last Saturday was the annual Xmas Cream Tea at the Merril Collection, always a treat. Tanya Huff was there and did a reading of a short story about the leader of a troop of Brownies who meets a bunch of real brownies (i.e. Irish fairies) who want to sign up. I don't usually find things charming, but this story pulled it off completely. Tanya said she wrote the story on spec for an anthology which ended up not happening ("Last time I do that"), and the story will now appear in the next ErieCon chapbook. Had dinner with moon_custafer and green_trilobite after.

Sunday had dwinghy, davemerrill, my brother, Janet, and Aaron over to help celebrate Aaron's birthday but watch lots of the original, uncut, Gatchaman (which was turned into Battle of the Planets here). Trill to endless civilians being killed, no 7-Zark-7, and the hideous costumes worn by the bad guys.

Tuesday went with Catherine to see Lie With Me. Now may have liked it, but I prefer my movies to come with little things like plots and story. Characters help too. Watching two 20-somethings whine and engage in pompous voice-overs isn't my idea of a good way to spend 90 minutes. I managed to amuse myself a little by trying to figure out when in Toronto everything was shot.

Have done remarkably little Xmas shopping. Have to fix that this weekend.

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Agreed movies with plots and characters. I think some "artsy" movies purposely suck, so they can claim that the masses don't get it.

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