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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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An update

So much to do, so little time to post.

Attended the one-day Doctor Who event, Bad Wolf 1 last weekend. Had to go in the morning, duck out to my SF book club at noon (Wrinkle in Time, had a great turn-out and an excellent discussion), then duck back in the afternoon for the final panels, and cake! Unfortunately had to miss the 25th anniversary of DWIN (Doctor Who Information Network) panel, but got to see the first five minutes of the upcoming Christmas episode, and the first look at David Tennent (the new Doctor). The footage played in a recent BBC children's telethon. Looks promising.

And redeem147 got a certificate of appreciation (with two others) for her work with DWIN over the years. As Lisa Tan said to me afterwards, if she hadn't been around at the right time, DWIN wouldn't have existed anyone.

Spent the rest of the evening hanging out with twiddler, angrykat, green_trilobite, and moon_custafer.

Got and read A Feast for Crows, the long awaited fourth installment of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. As always, a heck of a lot happens, most if it very bad. Unfortunately, this book doesn't follow the adventures of most of my favourite characters, I have to wait for the next one to do that (George split the true fourth book into two by presenting first the storylines for half the characters in this one, then the other half in the next). So this book seems a little weaker than the preceding ones. And (certain character) better not be really dead.

Managed to completely miss this month's Canadian Space Society meeting because it was on Monday and I thought it was on Tuesday. Nuts.

Attended a reading at Hart House (my favourite venue for such things) Monday (thus missing the CSS meeting) by Serial Diner Jeffrey Rosenthal for his book Struck by Lightning: The Curious World of Probabilities, probability theory for the layman. The room was packed, which likely contributed to a guy in the back of the room collapsing near the end of the reading. After a few minutes he was fine enough that he wanted things to continue, and they did. Nice going Jeff!

Because I don't have enough things to waste my time, here's a wonderful webcomic I just discovered: Scary Go Round, about the hijinks at a small English University. If by "hijinks" you mean murder, spies, Dark Arts, and occasional super-science.

Very busy at work. Feel like I'm earning my keep for once.

Going to be running reg at Con No Baka (an anime/gaming con) this weekend. Drop by if you can, it'll be fun.

There are five things going on this evening I'd like to go to (gallery opening of Asian photographs, launch of the latest issue of Spacing magazine, reading by Jack Whyte in a pub, social night for the Toronto Urban Explorers, and Dorkbot presentation, "where people do strange things with electricity"). Probably won't decide which I'm going to till the subway reaches Bathurst.

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I hope Con no baka went well. I'm interested in hearing about it.

Unfortunately, it didn't go well at all. Check my recent postings for the sad story.

When are you back in Toronto? I know you'll be busy, but if we could do lunch or something, that would be great.

In just over a week and a half. We're really not busy, especially Colin, since I haven't done any organizing at all for this trip yet, except for plane tickets.

if you're living in the Centre of the Universe....

...there's always more going on than you have the time for, even when events aren't scheduled against each other.

What did you do last Thursday? I was originally planning on going to Dorkbot but (a) the weather was nasty and (b) I was pretty bagged from playing a gig the previous evening. By the time I got home it was after 2 am, so Thursday was a short-sleep day.

How was Con no Baka? I've a hunch that their hotel Is Not Used To Fans. Or maybe they've yet to discover the secret knowledge of room-blocking. It's really a good thing, though, that the con made an effort to encourage fannish partying.

Re: if you're living in the Centre of the Universe....

I went to the Asian photo exhibit, which was really great, I might pick up some prints from the guy.

Check my current postings for what happened at Con no Baka. Actually, the hotel in question is the same one Anime North and Toronto Trek uses, they're used to fans now, and they have been quite good to us.

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