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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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SF Flea Market

The SF flea market at the Merril on Saturday didn't go too badly, but I was quite disappointed with the turnout. I'd say maybe 70-odd members of the public went thru the room the whole day. That said, people at least made their costs back and a bit on top, and some people seemed fairly pleased with the social and networking opportunities provided, but most didn't sell near as much as they hoped too. Still, no one seemed mad at me which is a good thing.

I do think I pushed no-cost advertising for the event as far as I reasonably could (notice in NOW that week, the local con discussion boards and mailing lists, poster and flyers in the local comics stores, used CD/book/DVD places). I wanted to try and do some postering up and done College a few days before, but didn't have the time/energy. So I don't think that was a problem. It was our first year, so simple word-of-mouth might bring in more people next year.

I'm trying to think now what we can do to bring more people in next year (hold in conjunction with a larger event?), and I'll be asking for feedback shortly from everyone who attended. Any ideas?

It was also the 10th anniversary of the Lillian H. Smith branch (Good Grief, it's been that long) that day, which we hoped would bring more general public in as well. There was cake and a lion dance. Best PA announcement in a long time, "The Lion Dance will be delayed as part of the lion is stuck in traffic".

I personally managed to sell a whole bunch of anime DVDs I wasn't really interested in (got them from Rue Morgue when I doing reviews for them), and a small pile of books. While I made some purchased myself, I managed to take home less than what I bought.

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Sorry Donald,

I didn't make it for obvious reason.

You know, on the whole my BIG BIG BIGGEST suggestion to you for increasing traffic is NOT to have it on the halloween weekend.

When we saw the fliers for the event at TT, myself and most of my friends already knew we wouldn't be attending due to the date.

Halloween weekend is bigger than Christmas for many of us. Also many people with young children have big events on that weekend.

I certainly would have made an attept to attend, or be involved in some way if it had not been for that critical timing.

You've got a lot of people agreeing with you here Dawn, thanks for the feedback.

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