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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Quiet Weekend

Tried to get a lot of life-maintenance work done on the weekend, and didn't do too badly. Bought a bunch of long-sleeved shirts, moved the short-sleeves to the back of the closet, bagged the shirts I can't stand anymore for the used-clothes people, dropped off the dry cleaning, sorted six-to-eight months of magazine and comics, and accomplished general picking-stuff-up.

Had belated birthday dinner with my brother at the Keg Mansion, where they now recognize us (i.e., if they first encounter one of us, they remember that he comes here with his brother). The usual great steak and mushrooms. Yummers.

And had brunch on Sunday afternoon with M.K., in town to do some socializing. BOOM! (on Bloor) was as usual very crowded and very good.