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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Do the Germans have a word...

... for when you finish saying good-bye to someone, turn to go, and something delays you for several seconds so you just have to stand there and go "Errr... goodbye again"? Because I hate that.

Happened yesterday after owlfish and I went out to brunch (and a fine brunch it was, despite the threat of chestnuts raining down on us as we sat on the patio), thanks to the doors of the bus we were on failing to open when they were supposed to.

She's on her way back to London Tuesday, but will be back in December for her dissertation defense, so she can stop paying U of T money. In the meantime she might be taking on a job (non-paying, but with a publication credit) for the British Museum (the very best kind of publication credit) editing some 15th century rare coin catalogues. The collection there has an actual "Ides of March" coin, issued by Brutus himself, with his profile on one side, and a slave cap with two daggers and "Ides of March" in Latin on the other. Now that's nerve.