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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Toronto Under Water

The map below shows how much of Toronto would be under water if the city was flooded to the same extent as New Orleans. It's quite startling.

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Yay!! Many weeks off work! Sleepover at my house. ^_^

Does that take into account elevation? I mean, it gets pretty hilly over here at Riverside Park...

No, it's just an equivalent surface area, to give a better idea of just how much of the city is affected.

I was wondering, because my father's old house near Danforth Ave. and Danforth Rd. would probably have been flooded. And I would be surprised if Yonge and Eglinton were under water. But if it's just a surface area equivalence, then that makes more sense.

But still... wow.

I was wondering about why it was round. ^^; I live on Davenport, which is the old shore of Lake Iroquois. I like to tell people that I have a beach house.

Aw darn, & I was going to breathe sigh of relief at being just out of the pink zone...

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