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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Book Sales

U of T book sale season is starting, with Woodsworth College (119 St. George) the first out of the gate. It's running till Saturday, and when I went through there I was told they still have a hundred boxes to put out, so there's still likely good stuff to find. I picked up several odd paperbacks, among them Lost in the Barrens. Often at these sales I find I'm buying books I had as a kid, and left back in Nfld.

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What are the prices like? I'm thinking about maybe going by (if I have time) to pick up some stuff to resell at Bring Out Your Dead at Gaylaxicon's table.

You can get paperbacks for $1 - $2.

BTW, have you already booked a table at BOYD? No one who has already has mentioned they are with Gaylaxicon.

I thought that thespian had... she's been talking about it. Maybe we're sharing the table with another group... I'll have to double-check those emails.

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