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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Feeling much better

Deciding to lie low (except for ventures out to the Film Festival) to keep my cold from getting any worse seems to have done the trick, I'm in the last stages and it's not even very annoying now.

I've been passing the time watching The Shield Season 2 on DVD. Some spoiler-rific comments after the cut.

It's tough to see Mackey and Claudette fall out, as in the first season I figured she was about the only person in the barn that Mackey had any respect for.

Shane isn't really the idiot we all think he is. He's the one who figures the (evil) way out of the Armando situation (which was caused by Mackey losing his temper and screwing up ), he takes point in the Money Train heist when Mackey is late, and overall he doesn't do anything too dumb in the season. Plus, seeing him in a suit during the flashback episode is a scream.

Dutch-boy has got to learn to read people better, it's his biggest problem as a cop.

And the season ends with Mackey and gang standing around a huge pile of money. In film-noir, this is always when the real trouble starts.