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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Not Dead

Just haven't felt like posting much lately. In the last little while...

Managed to finally catch Feathered Dinosaurs at the ROM two days before it left. Excellent exhibit, with a lot to say about how our views of dinosaurs have evolved (pun intended) from their first discovery to today, as more and better evidence comes in. Not only were the dinosaurs neat, but it tries to explain how science works. With "Intelligent Design" being pushed as science these days, we need more exhibits like this.

Saw Transporter 2. Decent stupid fun. I was surprised to find out (on a movie spot on Space) that several of the stunts that I was sure were completely CGI were really only slightly CGI, real stunts that were "dressed up" a little. This was a result of the odd, washed-out lighting used during most of the movie, which worked against the movie, because it kept me from being as impressed as I would otherwise have been.

Made Film Festival plans. My brother and I are sharing a 10-coupon book as usual. We didn't have as much luck in the ticket lottery as we have the past couple of years, instead of getting all our picks, I got 4 out of five, and Dave got 3 out of five. But thanks to the fact that you can get day tickets online now, I managed to pick up two more tickets for films I really wanted to see. I'm going heavy on the insane Korean films this year (President's Last Bang and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance).

Getting a cold. Started feeling sniffy yesterday afternoon and now have raw sinuses and a scratchy throat. After I pick up my day tickets at the Festival Box Office this evening I'm heading home and staying there.

Have now seen up to Episode Seven of the second season of Battle star Galactic at Aaron's place. Show continues to be great. Hasn't anyone picked up on the fact that Altar is mad as a hatter by now?

Also saw at Aaron's the unaired pilot for Global Frequency, based on the comic by Warren Ellis, about a global network of ex-spies and experts in every field who handle all the fallout from all the secret projects left over from the Cold War. The show was to star Michelle Forbes as Miranda Zero, and the pilot completely kicked ass. The WB were idiots for passing on it.

Now juggling four projects are work again.

Got the quarterly bonus, which was nothing to write home or anywhere else about (not the greatest quarter) and ended up spending about all of it on anime box sets.

Prison Break isn't bad, but I am so tired of vast government conspiracies, one of which is behind our hero's brother being framed for murder, which our hero intends to handle by breaking said brother out of prison (hence the title). And if said government conspiracy is so relentless it's going after anyone who might be the slightest obstacle, how have they complete missed the efforts of our hero? Still, our hero is an engineer, so I have to keep watching just for that.

The Grid is much better, probably because it only runs six episodes and so is incredibly tight, every moment is important. I like that feature of British TV.

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I enjoyed the Transporter, my only complaint was the bad cg of the airplane. The lack of story just made it more fun.

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