Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

The past few days...

Last Saturday was Lisa's annual BBQ, attended by twiddler,redeem147,moon_custafer,green_trilobite,c_debergerac,boywhocantsayno,angrykat, and other, non-LJ people.

Fortunately, all the heavy rain was the day before, so we only got a light sprinkle at one point. Unfortunately, all the rain the day before revitalized the insects, who were out in force this year, wasps and flying ants mostly. But a lighter than normal turnout meant there was more food for everyone, which helped make up for it. Kudoes to Lisa for all her hard work (and her parents for letting her use their place).

Sunday saw Crash with Rebecca and it turned out Sophia, who arrived late and only joined up with us afterwards. A fine film filled with fine performances and crackling dialogue.

Also Sunday got around to seeing an Hong Kong DVD, Partners, that I had picked up on eBay a while back (with a whole bunch of others) on the assumption that any movie with Simon Yam, Michael Wong, and Eric Tsang had to be worth a look. Boy was I wrong. Turgid dialogue, scarcely any characterization, and the shoot-outs weren't particularly good. As Love HK Film put it in their review (which I belatedly looked up), "Maybe blackmail was involved".

And to round out the movies, saw Wong Kar-Wai's 2046 last night with Paul. Color me somewhat baffled. The film-making talent is extraordinary in the use of shot composition, color, costuming (about the entire movie takes place in claustrophobic seedy rooms, but everyone is always dressed to the nines) but don't ask me what it was about other than "Love sucks".

Wong-Kar-Wei does brilliant stuff, I loved In the Mood for Love which 2046 is in many ways a direct continuation of, but I'm unsure if this is a brilliant movie or not. Which probably means that for me, it wasn't. Still, I had my doubt's about Spirited Away until I saw it a second time, when it floored me, so I can't write this one off yet.
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