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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Thanks to wanton violation of international copyright, saw the first four second season episodes of Battlestar Galactica last night, which we won't get on TV here for another good three months. Thanks to Aaron and his downloading skillz.

Some general thoughts with NO SIGNIFICANT PLOTS POINTS GIVEN AWAY below the cut.

Things start up about one second from where they left off (Adama shot), and spend four episodes getting worse.

We get a space battle that completely rocks.

Characters spend entire episodes covered with blood and filth, instead of having the magical "clean up" so the norm on TV. My only clear memory of the premiere of Voyager was Janeway going into the turbolift with messed-up hair and leaving having perfectly fixed it and me yelling at the screen.

Tigh is the heart and soul of the show for me. With Adama down and the President in the brig he's in charge of the shooting match, a job he completely doesn't want, but has to try and do. It's heartbreaking watching him try.

I'm getting bored with Six, probably because she's a fanatic and fanatics really tick me off because listening to them is a waste of time. Nothing you say or do will dent their worldview because they are right and you are wrong and that's that.

That said, it's getting clear that she's desperate to believe that she actually understands concepts like love and faith, when she doesn't really have a clue, because if she does it proves that she's "human".

Apollo continues to make what are, in my book, bad decisions. Not that he's a bad person, but he's the principled guy stuck in a situation that nine times out of ten calls for the pragmatic guy.

We get a flashback of Edward James Olmos with his Miami Vice hair and moustache. Scary.

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Tigh is kind of like Mr Lahey from Trailer Park Boys.

Tigh is kind of like Mr Lahey from Trailer Park Boys.

Now that's just mean. :-)

- Back when I was halfway through the first season of Galactica, I saw a Hypaspace segment on SPACE that casually cut to a clip of Adama being shot. It was still sudden enough to be shocking when I actually watched the episode, but it's kind of crazy that the cliffhanger ending for the first season of Galactica is being treated as common knowledge, like Luke Skywalker's parentage.

- As of yesterday, the fifth episode of season 2 had been on BitTorrent for at least four days. You're missing precious Galactica goodness as you read this!

- Personally, I'm fascinated by Six's manipulation of Baltar. The character that I love to hate is Roslin!
"Urr, 'Apollo' is just my callsign. My name is Lee Adama."
"Yeah, but while viewers would be disgusted to see a male president insist on using a pet name for a female pilot, I'm a chick so 'Apollo' it is, Apollo."

- (Apollo)'s the principled guy stuck in a situation that nine times out of ten calls for the pragmatic guy Yeah, that and the writers didn't make him the best in the fleet at everything (piloting, sniping, mission planning, and cards - Baltar doesn't count, Six can look at other players' hands!), like Starbuck. One of the creators said in his blog that people wouldn't question Starbuck's Brain Boitano-esque uberness at everything if she were a guy. Yes, I would, because while having the ace pilot be a woman is a nice change, having the ace pilot be superhuman at everything is dumb. Adama was stupid to give Baltar a precious nuke for his Cylon detector - if he'd bothered to ask Starbuck, she could have MacGyvered one up out of tin foil and duct tape in the space of a commercial break.

I'm gonna be in Toronto next month, and was wondering what your schedule looked like for perhaps a lunch or dinner or something. I haven't been to the Paramount in eons and need my overpriced movie fix.

Re: Mister Engineer sir

Sure, let me know via email (dfs@istop.com) what your schedule is and we'll hook up.

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