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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Bruce Campbell at Indigo

B-movie king Bruce Campbell was at Indigo at Bay and Bloor last night to sign his new book Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. He was last in town a few years back during the film festival where he did a signing of If Chins could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie actor at the (former) Chapters at Bloor. He easily got about three times as many people last night. (Including green_trilobite who I ran into.)

He skipped a reading and only did a 15 minute Q&A, but it was 15 minutes of PURE GOLD. Highlights include:

"My next movie? I'm starting it in the fall for Dark Horse (yeah, they're doing movies now). I play myself. This small town in Texas is having a monster problem, nothing works, so someone says "How about getting that guy from Evil Dead? Only I don't really know how to use a gun or chainsaw so more people die after I show up than before, and it all goes downhill."

"Will (the comic book) Man with a Screaming Brain be made into a movie? It HAS been!"

"Would I like to direct a movie? You mean LIKE Man with a Screaming Brain??"

"You're from Montreal? I'll talk slower"

(decrying the epidemic of sequels coming out of Hollywood) "You've got Batman Begins, and I'm going to get flack for that one. You've got Nicole Kidman doing remakes of both Bewitched AND The Stepford Wives, ANOTHER Herbie movie, I was even IN one of those (yell from audience "How about Evil Dead II?) SCREW YOU BUDDY!! We can rip ourselves off all we want!"

"Can you call me Brucey? Sure... buy the book"

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Aww man, you could have posted BEFORE he was there. Darn it.

I almost missed it myself. I only found out about it from a post from aprilsnark earlier that day.

(Deleted comment)
I was standing on the right side of the escalator, almost underneath it. Had a good view. I don't know how all the people in the line-up (which snaked thru all the shelves downstairs) managed to see anything.

Bruce and the boycott

stupid question: To get your book signed at a book signing, do you have to buy your copy at the store where the signing is taking place?

Re: Bruce and the boycott

Depends on the event. For book signings hosted by big bookstores like Indigo, you usually do. The exception to that is the U of T bookstore, which holds lots of readings during the year.

I've never know smaller events, and especially not cons, to have this policy.

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