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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Booking Flights

I'm looking at doing a bit of travelling in the future, and as I'm something of a homebody, I'm not an expert on booking flights. I'd like to know if people can recommend any specific travel websites aimed towards finding the best possible fare between two cities, if you're flexible about your exact travel times.

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I usually use Expedia - I think I heard you or your brother complaining about them a few years back, but I've always had good luck with them.

I don't think any web site offers the consistently lowest price; different web sites can get different deals sometimes. There are so many. We mostly use expedia.ca; there's also Travelocity, travel.yahoo.ca, Orbitz, and some others.

In the minimal comparison shopping I've done, Expedia has either been lowest or within a few bucks on the actual flights I've wanted. It's got a convenient interface; we've booked hotels and cars through it, and it's easy to look up what you've already booked. (I'm doing a lot of travelling this year, with four flights to the west coast and a trip to the UK for Interaction.)

I've never gotten the lowest-possible rate on Expedia myself. You have to look around for special deals, which could be found anywhere. Cheaptickets.com used to be good, but I don't think they have great deals anymore.

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