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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Last Saturday night was the Toronto Trek panellist pubnight, which I attended as I'm doing five panels this year (all on Saturday, sigh). Also there were Janet, my brother, gurudata, and boywhocantsayno. The restaurant was way away on O'Conner and St. Clair, verging on Scarborough.

At the end of the evening, Janet suggested taking the bus not back to Coxwell (closest station), but onwards to Warden. She's been using her metropass to explore the city the past little while, and want to continue on. So we headed into the (sort of) unknown, passing the church where angrykat and twiddler got married last year.

As the bus made a stop, I idly pointed out a nearby Dairy Queen, getting a huge reaction out of Janet, and nothing would do but jumping out and getting some ice cream. It seems that DQs are everywhere in Janet's hometown of Waterloo, and she suffers from the relative lack of them in Toronto. Considering the business this place was doing, many others do so too. In fact, Janet declared that the small strip mall there made her feel right at home.

As the buses were running a half-hour apart, and Warden wasn't much further, we decided to walk the rest of the way, passing a very nice cemetery, either a Jewish one, or one with a very large Jewish section. One headstone was shaped like a book, although there was nothing inscribed on it to explain why.

And we even saw one of the brand new buses (with "New Bus!" flashing on the route display).

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and she suffers from the relative lack of them in Toronto.

As a Montreal boy, I do exactly the same thing. :)


FYI, There's a DQ up here at Yonge and Eglinton. South side of Eglinton, half a block east of Yonge.

It is a jewish cemetry.

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