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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Had some friends (including moon_custafer and green_trilobite) over Friday to watch the 1953 George Pal War of the Worlds, before the new one opens. (Thanks to my brother for providing the DVD).

It's one of the great SF movies. On a budget of 2 million, they spent 1.4 million on the special effects and it shows. The war machines still hold up well today (the one disadvantage of DVD is that the wires are often too visible). But they didn't skimp on the script. Asmoon_custafer said, the two leads (Gene Barry and Ann Robinson) have great chemistry together, and the movie has the smartest and most capable general (Les Tremayne, as General "Mann") ever found in an alien invasion movie. The fact that humanity still gets its collective ass kicked just underscores how tough the Martians are.

Great Movie Moment: Three guys are nervously watching the Martian cylinder open and are realizing it actually contains Beings from Space. When one says something to the effect that they won't look human, another says "They don't have to look like us to be human", which was quite the enlightened attitude for 1953 (and sadly, today as well). Too bad the Martians fried them.

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Actually, green-trilobite and I are thinking of boycotting the new WotW, since Mr. Cruise is being such an idiot.

They just had a big article on Salon.com about this. Scientologist watchers think that he recently got promoted to one of the high levels, and so is now "clean" enough to take it to the masses. L. Ron has got a lot to answer for.

Since I wasn't there, can you explain why orbits are so great & why you can have so much fun with them?

At least WotW will be better than Battlefield Earth. But then again, most (if not all) movies are.

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