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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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New (and old) furniture

The problem with getting a new TV is that a new TV stand is needed as well, as it would never fit in my old one.

Now, I like the style of my old one, which has a cubbyhole for the TV, and plenty of shelves and cabinets for the VCR and DVD player, storage for tapes and CDs, and not the least of it it's where I drop my wallet and keys when I get home. So I make a run to IKEA looking for something the same style, but it's not to be found! All IKEA has is stands with a few shelves that the TV sits on, and that's it. Nothing with all the additional storage space I want.

So I head down to Sears. Poking around, I find almost exactly what I want, except it's a few inches too small for my new TV. Noting the price of $279, I tracking down a sales person (no easy task), and then wait ten minutes (literally) when he flips through catalogues. Ultimately he find a unit of the same style four inches wider, which is perfect except it's $650.

Let's be clear here. The larger unit, which is only slightly larger than the one sitting on the showroom floor, exactly the same furniture line and style, is $371 more expensive. I expressed my confusion over this, got no satisfaction about the reasoning behind this, and then left.

So it was IKEA after all. Paul gave me a lift home from work Friday, and we stopped off at IKEA, picked up the best TV stand of the bunch (and a CD bookcase so I have somewhere to put them now) and took them home. Thanks Paul!

Just about all of Sunday was spent putting this stuff together, and dismantling and moving the old stuff, all while there's a giant TV sitting in my limited floor space and I'm trying to not accidently kick the screen in. To further complicate things, I had arranged with owlfish to take her dining table and chairs as she's in the final stages of packing to move (*sniff*) and that Sunday was the only real day I could do it (this time with the help of Aaron and his new (i.e. very used) van).

So Aaron and I go down to her place Sunday morning, spend twenty minutes trying to unbolt all the legs of the table (as no one had a wrench), manage it fit table (with one leg still attached) and chairs into his van, and get them back to my place.

So I finally get the new stand in position (with the help of my brother), re-assembly the DVD, VCR, CD, radio tuner, and all the required cables (while my brother reads my new comics) and finally the time comes to lift the new TV into position. Only it's so front-heavy it tried to topple out of our arms every time we try to pick it up. So it's another phone call to Aaron, who comes and and the three of us manage to lift it into position.

And it's great! I have colors again! Not to mention I can read everything on channel 24 again (the time in the corner was becoming a real problem). The TV remote can also control my VCR and DVD, and I've got picture-in-picture. And I'll be ready once they start releasing HD DVDs later in the year.

And not least, I can finally schedule a new Hong Kong movie day soon, as people will be able to read the subtitles again.

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Hurray! And I FINALLY found the toolbox within the past hour. Both you and Lada would have seriously benefited from it.

Coincidentally I too spent a portion of Sunday assembling Ikea shelving, for Andrew's mom so she can have her books accessible at the home. She was very impressed with the design (BILLY, the half-height 80 cm- wide version, in Beech), & with my assembly skills (with the size of Andrew's collection, I've put about half-a-dozen of these together by now).

How are your wrists holding up after all that allen key twisting?

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