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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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I've needed a new TV for some time, as owlfish has persistently pointed out to me. My 27" must be 8 to 10 years old now, and is nowhere near so sharp as it once was, so reading subtitles on it takes some effort now, a situation that has prevented me from staging a Hong Kong Movie Day of late.

So I've splurged now and gotten myself a brand new Sony 32" High-Def which was delivered yesterday (thanks to Aaron for hanging out at my place for an hour to accept delivery). Woo Hoo! It's even got picture-in-picture so I can watch two channels at once!

So if anyone can use a 27" that's bad with subtitles but fine every other way, let me know. You can have it for a few bucks and arranging for the pick-up yourself.