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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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My friends wedding...

Last Saturday saw the wedding of moon_custafer and green_trilobite. Hurrah!

Ceremonies were held at George Brown House, which I have never been to and is a pretty interesting place, George being one of the Fathers of Confederation and founder of the Globe and Mail. He was shot in the leg by a disgruntled employee and died shortly afterwards. They have his library done up very nicely, although most of the upstairs has been turned into offices for various museum foundations and the like, instead of being open to the public.

But I digress. The groom provided the wedding march music on his laptop, a United minister provided the nicely short and funny-in-the-right-places ceremony, the best man managed to drop the rings (hee!), and everything went really well. There was a reception in the dining room, and after a bit most of us made our way to a Chinese Seafood restaurant on nearby Baldwin St. for some real food.

After that, the few of us that remained tagged along with the bride and groom over to the Delta Chelsea, when the bride's parents had sprung for a suite for them for the night, for another couple of hours of hanging out. Unfortunately, the mini-bar was empty, and hotel porn generally isn't worth watching (or so I've heard) so there wasn't much we could do to run up the bill.

I've got to get a copy of the photo of green_trilobite about to sacrifice the wedding cake. That was a great moment.