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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Single Pages

Saturday was Jason's birthday, which was celebrated (like always) with The Reading of Single Pages.

In brief, everyone brings an armful (or in my case, two LCBO bags) of books, a number between 3 and 200 is chosen with cunning dice rolls, and people take turns reading that page, and that page only, from their books.

This year we finally got a good number for me, 19. The past few years the books I bought had dull pages, or only two lines on them (due to the end of a chapter). But this year I got some good stuff, a couple of Patrick O'Brian's, some Brian Stableford (not only great SF, but short books so I can bring a bunch), some good history, and a grand one-two punch. I had a great page from The Great Pulp Heroes (by local Don Hutchison) about Walter Gibson, author of The Shadow, which green_trilobite immediately followed up with a Shadow novel.

In case you're wondering why it's from 3 to 200, we had 2 one year. Check your shelves and see just how many books have a page 2. That was a bad year.

Whenever we get something in the 150s or higher, that usually wipes out all the poetry books people bring. But that hasn't happened in a while. Unfortunately.

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poetry?....I shall die....

I could've brought a lot more than two books, consider yourself lucky! (And I was not the only one who did!) Very nice to see you and everyone else there...

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