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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Road Trip!

Update: gurudata has posted all his Townsend pictures here.

Saturday was a Road Trip Adventure, with gurudata, aprilsnark, hico, and kanecool.

gurudata had posted previously on the strange, unfinished town of Townsend, an attempt from the 70s to create a new town in the middle of nowhere to help develop less-developed areas. A plan was created for a center of over a hundred thousand people, centered at the junction of H-N Roads 69 and 74 (southwest of Hamilton).

They got as far as building several hundred houses, various civic buildings, and the beginning of major arterial roads, but they couldn't convince any employers to move to the area, and when the recession started in 1981, the whole project died.

So what you got was a suburban neighbourhood that looked for the world like it was lifted right out of Mississauga, and dropped in the middle of nowhere, which gurudata proposed we go take a look at, for the heck of it.

I met up with everyone (except hico) at the Kipling subway Saturday morning. The bad weather had scared several other people away (weaklings!), and I admit, it was raining pretty bad for most of the day. We drove out to Hamilton for lunch, with hico joining us in his car and playing FRS radio tag with him on the way.

The gods must have been with us, because it stopped raining just as we approached Townsend, and only started up again when we were about to leave. And it really is the strangest place. You walk down the extra-wide sort of street you get in the suburbs, and it just stops at a dead-end sign with empty fields beyond. Walk in the other direction, and after a minute the same thing happens.

The houses are all good quality, nice places, and we only saw one "for sale" sign in the whole town (and we covered every street), so the place is full up, but I don't know who lives there, as there isn't a single convenience store (or any other type of store) in the entire town! (aprilsnark and hico had a bet going regarding this and aprilsnark ended up five bucks richer.

The only real sign of life was at some child services provincial government building just at the edge of town, which had a nearly-completely-full parking lot. Everything else (which consisted of a church, community center, and day care) looked deserted. Oh, and there was a big (and expanding) old folks home, with a white-picket fence cemetery within easy walking distance.

Funniest thing was this tiny little spur of a street, just deep enough to park a school bus on (which is what it was being used for) that came equipped with a stop sign. Safety first!

gurudata will likely have some pictures up before long, so take a look at his journal.

In conclusion, a fun day hanging out with some fun people. And I think the whole town is probably taken over by some cult, so we were lucky to escape with our life and sanity. Or did we?

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My Pictures of the Adventure in Townsend

I hope it's ok I friended you...
Here's the link to my pictures of the trip:

Re: My Pictures of the Adventure in Townsend

I look pretty good .

there isn't a single convenience store (or any other type of store) in the entire town!

Sounds like a business opportunity to me...

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