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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Battlestar Finale

The one really annoying thing about Ad Astra was that the hotel didn't get Space - The Imagination Station, so I couldn't have a Battlestar Galactica Season Finale room party on Saturday. The instant I got home on Sunday, the tape of it was the first thing I watched.

What a way to end off the season. I was fortunately completely unspoiled so Adama getting shot took me utterly by surprise.

My brother pointed out that with Adama down (while I'm sure he'll survive, it's going to take a long time for him recover. Heck, it took Starbuck several episodes to stop using that cane), Tigh in now in command of the military. Considering his general feelings towards Starbuck, and now Apollo (over the whole gun-pointing-at-head) incident, I can't see how those two won't spend the entire second season in the brig. Unless Baltar springs them when they retrieve him, as he's in charge of the government now.

Speaking of Apollo, our boy really isn't that bright, is he? While his motives may have been pure, his execution was about as bonehead as could be. Tigh knew Apollo wasn't going to shoot him, and if the President hadn't stepped in Apollo would have ended up looking even dumber.

Another favourite bit was Galactica Boomer telling Racetrack to take off if she didn't return in five minutes, and Racetrack's instant "No problem" with that. I'm surprised she actually waited for Boomer at all.

And I predict Starbuck is beaten and punctured enough that she'll need Caprica Boomer to help fly the Raider out of there.

Apparently Season Two will start a couple of seconds after the end of season one. It's going to be a slightly longer wait than that for new episodes.