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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Back from America

Went down to Ann Arbor for some business meetings Monday, got back this evening.

My boss Steve drove me and Dave Nelson down, in a not-bad three and a half hour drive. Thank goodness the weather cleared up Monday from the sleet storms on the weekend.

We stayed at a very nice Hilton Suites hotel in Auborn Hills. It was almost a shame that the room was so great (a full two-room suite, with TWO TVs!) because I was in it so little I didn't get a chance to really enjoy it. But I slept well, which I generally don't at hotels. The fact that there was no air-conditioning fan whirring away, as I have often gotten in the past, probably had something to do with that. The breakfast buffet wasn't anything to write home about, however.

Tuesday the meetings were in Ann Arbor, an hour's drive away. As we had to conference call with Europe, the meeting started at 8 AM, so I had to get up at 6 FREAKIN' AM to make it. That was the worst part of the trip. Ann Arbor is a great-looking University town.

At the three locations we had meetings, at each one the coffee came with POWERED creamer and ARTIFICIAL sweetener. Is this some American thing? Still, the box lunches we got were pretty classy, and we all went out for dinner in the evenings on the company tab.

Also on Tuesday we visited the materials lab that is determining the properties of the rubber and plastic we're modeling, data you think would be easily available, but really isn't. Since I work with computers all the time, it's great to see guys working with instruments and all the great testing gadgets they have. I wish I could to some of that, but it's tough to mix-and-match this sort of work.

Meetings today (Wednesday) were right around the corner from the hotel, so I got to sleep to a decent hour, and we managed to get out of there by 3 PM. All told, the meetings went well, I learned some stuff that I certainly didn't know before, and it was good to put faces to all the voices I've heard on the phone. Although I'm glad I don't have to head down there every three weeks or so like Steve has to.

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Andrew has a cold and I don't want to assume we'll be at 1st Thursday tonight or Diners tomorrow - still hoping to make Ad Astra on Saturday - anyway, I submitted that painting of you and your brother from a couple of years ago to an on-line art show. If it gets in, do you mind if I direct people to it? I'm assuming most people on your friends list know who you are anyway.

Re: Art/Identity Request

No problem at all. Hope to see you guys at Ad Astra.

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