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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Last Sunday night I felt a stiff neck coming on, didn't think much about it. But it persisted thru Monday and Tuesday, which is very unusual for me.

Wednesday morning it was still there when I woke up, and really starting to annoy me, when I suddenly thought "Hey, isn't a stiff neck a symptom of meningitis? HOLY CRAP, WHAT IF I'VE GOT MENINGITIS?!?"

So I did the logical thing. When I got to work I consulted a mother (Alina, with two kids). She immediately asked if I could put my chin on my chest, which I can (and have been doing every ten minutes ever since). Also, I have no fever or headaches, so it's almost certainly just a muscle I pulled somehow.

Which is a relief, but last night I woke up twice because rolling over in bed yanked at it. I had to end up sleeping on the couch, because I can support myself with pillows in a half-sitting position which is the most comfortable one I've found.

It's still with me. Going to drop by the drugstore on the way home for an icepack and maybe some muscle relaxant. Must be getting old. All downhill from here. Blah.

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I hope your neck's recovered!

It's feeling a lot better today, thanks.

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